Exciting times ahead, Plus new stock alert!

So here  at Pole Emporium we are incredibly excited for several reasons!

Firstly we have some gorgeous new Cleo The Hurricane Tropical 4.0 Hot pants coming in in 4 new styles.

Tropical Oasis https://poleemporium.co.uk/product/cleo-the-hurricane-tropical-hot-pants-4/#

Honeymoon Hibiscus https://poleemporium.co.uk/product/cleo-the-hurricane-tropical-hotpants-4-honeymoon-hibiscus/

Blue Ferns https://poleemporium.co.uk/product/cleo-the-hurricane-tropical-hotpants-4-blue-ferns/

Carnival Chaos https://poleemporium.co.uk/product/cleo-the-hurricane-tropical-hotpants-4-carnival-chaos/

The hard decision in my book is which design to go for, maybe i’ll just have 1 of each!

We also have some new pink Cleo Knee pads in, which completely kick ass!

On top of all these gorgeous goodies we also have some Exclusive collaborations coming!

Keep your eyes peeled on our social media sites for further hints and posts as to what these might be

Launching commences approximately 6 weeks and counting ………….. #polenapple

With love

The Pole Emporium Team x

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