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Our Accessories section contains a wide range of goods to meet your every Pole, Dance and Gym requirements.

With Leg Warmers from Wink and Pole Candy, Knee Pads from Cleo The Hurricane, Pole Candy and Wink, Leggings from Tikiboo, Pole Candy, Cleo The Hurricane and Anarchy Apparel, Leg Garters and Arm Garters from Bandurska Design, Body’s from Bandurska, Rhinestone Socks from Cleo The Hurricane, T-Shirts and Tees from Cleo The Hurricane and XX Creatures Of XIX, Pleaser Detachable Shoe Straps and Pole Journals to track your every move!

The perfect addition to your pole performance.

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Bandurska Design

Bandurska Arm Garter


Bandurska Design

Bandurska Body Suit


Bandurska Design

Bandurska Leg Garters


Bandurska Design

Bandurska Macau Body Suit