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X-POLE was founded in 2003 to offer a solution to the masses wishing to partake in the art of pole fitness within the confinements of their home. Over the last 10 years, X-POLE has been developing and refining the design of the X-POLE sets and now offers the most advanced, secure and innovative poles & stages in the world.

This year X-POLE identified a natural progression into Aerial Arts and is delighted to announce the launch of its Aerial Fitness range. Pole fitness is no longer a sport reserved to the living rooms or bedrooms of our customers, having expanded into studios and gyms all around the world.

X-POLE has helped to create an industry which hosts a variety of key players such as trainers/instructors, performers, competitors, followers & simple believers! Our simple task is to ensure that these individuals are supplied with the most advanced and well-engineered product to meet their requirements.


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