New added stock from your Pole Dancing favourites

So here we are heading towards the end of January at an alarming rate, so many new added pole ranges to be ordered from your favourite companies and just so little time!

But fear not!

We have an wonderful array of beautiful colours,designs and textures on the way to us from all over the world to satisfy everyone’s poling desires!

From Cleo, Bad Kitty, Bandurska, Juicee Peach, Pleaser and Anarchy Apparel….

From the sexy to the practical, from shoes to clothing, we have it all so keep your eyes peeled as these most awesome goods will be hitting the Pole Emporium shelves within the next few weeks ( some may have already!)

With limited stock get your orders in whilst stocks last at

Don’t forget, Pole Emporium also do studio visits where we bring the stock to you!

Perfect for those of you that are short on time but also want to shop a little pole before your class!

Contact us today at for more information and to book your visit

With love

The Pole Emporium Team x


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